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Lower/Middle/Upper Over 35

The AAHL 35-and-Over league has been a great success since beginning play in September 1999.  The object of this league is to be a competitive league allowing players to keep in shape and promote sportsmanship at all levels.  This league is a supplemental league, meaning you must have played a minimum of four(4) seasons in the Open League to be eligible to play in the Over 35 League.

There are four levels - Elite, Upper, Middle, and Lower Over 35, - based on skill level. Teams in Elite will be made up of 14-16 players and a goalie, while the Upper, Middle and Lower leagues carry 12 skaters and a goalie. 

The games will be Monday evenings at reasonable times, and consist of (3) 20 minute run time periods for Elite and (3) 15 minute run time periods for Upper, Middle and Lower.  The league will consist of two(2) 20-game seasons for Elite and three(3) 12-game seasons for Upper, Middle and Lower per year. These leagues feature single elimination playoffs.

Over 35 is currently divided into 2 main leagues.  The Lower/Middle/Upper Over 35, and the Elite Over 35.  Please choose from one of the 2 to read more.


Summer 2022 Champions