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Lower/Middle/Upper Over 35

Registration for the Summer 2022 L/M/U Over 35 league is open.  Click the link below to join the waitlist

Summer 2022 L/M/U Over 35 Registration

Summer 2022 Open League

Summer Open league registration is now closed.  If you need to register as a replacement player please reach out to your captain or the league VP to acquire a pro-rated registration code prior to registering

If you are a player new to the league, you are required to attend and evaluation session prior to being able to be rostered on a team.   We do not have any additional evaluation dates planned at this time.  Please contact our New Player Coordinator for information on the next evaluation

Anyone registering for a team and then requesting a refund, or registering prior to acquiring a pro-rated code, will be subject to a $30 non-refundable fee

Individual Player Registration

Sub Goalie Registration ($50)

Rec League Summer 2022 Registration

Summer 2022 Rec League season has already started.  You may still register to be on the waitlist should a spot become available.  Please click the link below to join the player waitlist

Player Registration (Price: $335 for 12 games)

Goalie please use the Sub Goalie registration to register

Goalie Registration (Price: $50 for May - Oct)

Beginner League Registration

Summer 2022 Beginner League season has already started.  If you are interested in joining please reach out to the league coordinator to receive a pro-rated code prior to registering

Player/Goalie Registration

Winter 2021 Elite Over 35 Registration

Summer 2022 Elite Over 35 League registration is open.  Please use the link to register

Player and Goalie Registration

Active Registrations

Over 35 League

Summer 2022 Season
- Player / Goalie Registration

Elite Over 35 League

Summer 2022 League
- Player & Goalie Registration

Sub Goalie List

Restricted Registrations

Restricted registrations mean that the season has already started and you need to contact the league coordinator to get a pro-rated registration code

Beginner League

Summer 2022 Season
Player/Goalie Registration

Rec League

Summer 2022 Season
- Player Registration

Refund Request

Refund request for all leagues