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AAHL Specific Rules

 AAHL Specific Rules

Edited: March 25, 2019

  1. Players playing in AAA and over 35 Elite only may not wear facial protection while playing in open league and over 35 Elite. Yes, that means AAA players and over 35 Elite playing in any other league MUST wear facial protection during those games. That means a FULL CAGE or HALF SHIELD.
  2. Players must have ONE of the three straps securely fastened.
  3. If a spectator refuses to leave, get the captain of the team that they are for to remove them. If unsuccessful, get rink personnel to remove them. If still unsuccessful, run the clock until they leave.
  4. An accidental high stick to the face that draws blood is penalized as a five minute major and a 10 minute misconduct only.
  5. There are NO Go Pros allowed at any time.
  6. Shooting the puck outside of the rink by a goaltender is ALWAYS a delay of game penalty. (Note: This is no different than the USA hockey rulebook rule)
  7. The crease shall be the BLUE PAINT ONLY.
  8. Additional Time if there is no scorekeeper: 27 minutes third period in open and 17 minutes in over 35. They do NOT have to ask for it, it is AUTOMATIC. REC is 25 minutes running for all three periods.
  9. Penalty options
    • A. Boarding, Charging, High Sticking, Tripping, Slashing, Hooking are minor, major, major plus game ONLY if injury and not high sticking.
    • B. Roughing is minor or double minor ONLY
    • C. Head Contact is a minor, major, or major plus game misconduct
    • D. Everything else is USA hockey
  10. Officials are to blow their whistle before every faceoff.
  11. Players must be given a two minute minor for unsportsmanlike before a 10 minute misconduct that results in ejection. If it continues during a game, a game misconduct will be issued. Any abuse to a ref after a game will result in an automatic game misconduct.
  12. Anyone on the bench during an AAHL game must be in FULL GEAR plus helmet, and also be on the team and not suspended. This is a liability issue.
  13. Offsides: Point with your whistle hand similar to college.
  14. If a player shoots the puck on net during a delayed offsides, the faceoff is all the way down in the defending zone of the player that shot it.
  15. ALL faceoffs are now to take place on one of the 9 dots around the rink.
  16. Anyone that makes a targeted derogatory remark with the intent to intimidate anyone else is an AUTOMATIC match penalty. This does not include shouting to let off steam. It does include any specific verbal threat with a reference to life, sex, religion, or ethnicity. Examples: “you are a cu**. Faggo*, I want to kill everyone here.” Automatic match, no questions asked.
  17. Players leaving the penalty box when their penalty expires must ensure that the door is closed behind them. If it does not close and they engage in play then they will be assessed a too-many skaters minor.


  1. Any threatening taunt or threat will be an AUTOMATIC GAME MISCONDUCT! This will not be a major or a warning, straight to a game misconduct!
  2. Goalies might be switching midway thru the second.
  3. Any MAJOR penalty is an AUTOMATIC EJECTION! Again, no warning, straight to an ejection