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New Player Info

***Registration for the Summer 2024 season is now CLOSED. 

If you are reading this page now, please fill out the New Player Information form using the Red Link below. That will place you on the contact list and we will send you an email once  we schedule the mid season eval ..  (probably sometime in early July)

Players wishing to play in the AAHL will be required to create a SportsEngine account authorizing us to collect specific information related to registration and allow for some of that information (i.e. Name, Email, Phone Number) to be used for official league communications and to be shared with the Atlanta Hockey Foundation for similar communications.  This account will be used to view team specific pages, communicate with captains, and save your league statistics for as long as you are a member.

All league registrations that are currently open are listed in the Registrations page and can be directly accessed by clicking the corresponding registration link.  Additional league information can be found on their corresponding pages

Players who are new to the AAHL and not registering for a specific team can select the “No Team Affiliation” registration link and then must participate in an evaluation session, normally held in the Fall and Spring, just prior to the start of each of our Open League seasons.  Additional evaluation sessions are help mid-season as needed.  Upon completion of the evaluation session players will be placed in the proper division based on their hockey skills.  While you can register in person on the day of the evaluation session, it is recommended that you register online ahead of time to reduce the time it takes to check in.

Additional New Player Info....

>The Open League is our main league and plays two 20 game seasons a year, plus playoffs, usually starting in late spring and early winter. All new players to the league must attend a league sponsored on ice evaluation before being allowed to play so we can place you in the proper division to be drafted. Again, everyone new to the Open League MUST attend an evaluation to determine your skill level before we can place you on a team. We do not allow subs or part time players. Depending upon availability and need, we sometimes have a mid-season eval to fill open roster spots. Sometimes we have one and sometimes we do not. It depends on the availability of open roster spots.

Evaluations are not try-outs. The evals are simply our way of judging your talent level so we can place you into the proper division to be drafted. The eval consists of skating and puck handling drills with the last :45 minutes or so being a full scrimmage. Full gear is required. We try to place everyone who signs up but that depends on roster availability each season.


Summer 2024 Eval info.. Registration is now CLOSED !

Summer Season to start @ May 7th. the next season will start @ mid October.

 The cost per full season is usually @$580  which includes 20 games plus additional playoff games for higher seeded teams. No practices or other additional ice time included, although some teams rent the ice and have their own practices/scrimmages, etc..

The Open League plays on every day of the week except Mondays and Fridays, so one week you could play Tuesday night and then the following Sunday afternoon and then not until the following Sunday and then maybe not until the following Thursday, etc. Lots of people miss games for whatever reason, (work travel, personal reasons, or other conflicts, etc) and that is perfectly fine. 

If you are new to the league AND you missed the beginning of the season and would like to join as soon as possible and would like to be placed on the waiting/contact list please go to this LINK (Link temporarily unavailable when Open League Registration is open) and fill out the new player form. ( this is not necessary when registration is open.)  We usually have a mid season eval  at the halfway point in each season.  As mentioned, if you have interest to play and you have missed the pre season eval, filling out the form will get you placed on the waiting list and you will contacted when we set up the mid season eval. If you sign up after the mid season eval, you will have to wait until the start of the next season.  Mid season evals usually take place in late July/ August or Jan/Feb.

The secondary/mid season eval dates will not be posted here as it is an invite event only for those who have filled out the new player form. 
For additional questions, please send an email to

Please include in the email a detailed description of your hockey background. (how long you have played, what levels, where, age, etc. It will help us expedite getting you into the league if openings pop up.

>>The Rec League has no eval requirement and only plays on Friday nights.

Click HERE for registration information..


>>>The Over 35 league is a supplemental league whereas you must have played in the Open League a minimum of 4 seasons to be eligible to play in this league.

Please refer to the 'League' pages on this site for other information about those leagues.