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COVID Waiver Update

COVID Waiver Update

CDC guidelines for dealing with the Covid pandemic have been changing as time goes by.  To avoid amendments to our standard Waiver every time new guidance is published, for all League events in the Winter 2020-21 season, the League will be following the then current guidelines issued by CDC, and the hockey Application/Waiver will be subject to and amended by such changes as they occur. Players will agree to be bound by these health directives.  

More specifically, the League will require a person who is infectious to sit out for the CDC recommended time periods.  The League will no longer require entire teams to sit out for 14 days after a single player tests positive before the team can resume League play.  Although the CDC has relaxed prior guidance, players should be aware that the new standards are obviously not as effective as a full 14 day quarantine.  This places more individual responsibility on each player.

The League will publish the team name and play dates for any players who have tested positive for the virus or fall into other risk categories, when such knowledge is made known to the League.   Teams through their captain must immediately notify the appropriate League official of any Covid related issues, especially any positive test results.  Teammates and opposing team members will have to make their own determinations as to whether to sit out future games in comportment to CDC rules and the player's own sense of risk aversion. Existing personal or family comorbidity which places you or a family member at higher risk or the need for greater protection may require different players to treat existing Covid conditions differently.  This is obviously an individual and  personal decision.  This should hopefully minimize a repeat of the situations occurring this current season where entire teams have been kept off the ice for 2 weeks when a player tested positive.

The League will at minimum require adherence to the then current CDC recommendations, and require that all players keep up with changes as they occur.   The CDC website is   Your captain will be responsible to notify team members of all significant known Covid related news, but this does not relieve the individual player's responsibility to keep informed and protect his or her own health.  As the League cannot possibly police hundreds of individuals for compliance, your participation in the League includes your commitment to follow these health recommendations as they change.  Each player relies on all other players to communicate and cooperate.  

In summary, we all know that once we leave our homes, we are increasing our odds of getting infected.  Playing hockey increases this risk by an unknown amount.  Our contagion rate for players has been extremely low, and it is impossible to know where those few affected players actually contracted the virus, as we have had no team wide outbreaks.  Your League participation indicates you  know and accept the increased risk of contagion by such participation, and that you knowingly accept that risk.  League wide cooperation will promote a decreased risk of getting sick or infecting others.