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League Composition

We have four different leagues under our domain:

  • Open League

and three supplemental leagues:

  • 35 and Over League
  • Recreational (Co-ed) League
  • Beginner League

Open League

The open league is divided into multiple divisions according to skill.  Divisions expand and contract based on the number of teams and players.  All attempts are made to have six(6) teams in each division:

  • AAA - Expert Level Players
    • Upper AAA
    • Middle AAA
    • Lower AAA
  • AA - Intermediate Level Players
    • Elite AA
    • Upper AA
    • Middle AA
    • Lower AA
  • A - Novice Level Players
    • Elite A
    • Upper A
    • Middle A
    • Lower A

Additional league operation information regarding team composition, seasons, draft and games can be found directly on the Open League page. 

Beginner League

This league is suited for those with little to no prior hockey experience and will focus on skill development and team play.  The goal of the league is to get players comfortable enough with their skating and hockey skills to allow them to move up to one of the Open League teams within a few seasons.   Players will be assigned to a team by the league coordinator prior to the start so there could be some unbalance in skills throughout the season.  The goal is not on winning but getting better.

**Contact Susan Ahn for further information:

35-and-Over League

This league is a supplemental league, meaning you have played a minimum of four Open League seasons to be eligible to play in the Over 35 League. The object of this league will be to keep in shape and promote sportsmanship at all levels. There are four levels based on skill level:

  • Elite
  • Upper
  • Middle
  • Lower

    Additional league operation information such as team composition, games and playoff advancement can be found directly on the league page. 


Recreational League

The Recreational League differs from the AAHL Open League in several ways. The make up of teams in this league is not skill based, rather, all teams are evenly assigned approximately the same number of novice and intermediate players. This league is more of a light hearted, fun approach to hockey. It is a great way for intermediate players to fine tune their basic skills, get some exercise, and help novice players learn the game. Novices will feel comfortable playing in this league because of its low pressure atmosphere and the added benefit of playing with & learning from more experienced players. The Rec League has (3) 12 game seasons. An additional difference in the Rec League is that no team is assigned a goalie, goalies are given a rotating schedule at the start of the season. Any league member who is interested in more than one league is welcome to, but, please be aware that you may miss games that overlap, no matter how hard we try to prevent that. No refunds will be given for missed games for any reason.

**Contact Chris Farmwald for further information:


Open League

Refunds are given for injury, job transfer, or at the discretion of the Board of Directors, based on dues paid by a replacement player.  Teams whose Captain opt to declare themselves a Team Fee Team will not be eligible for a refund from the league.  The team's Captain is responsible for any and all refunds.  Team rosters are locked after the 15th game of the season and no refunds will be issued after this.  Administrative, insurance fees, and banking fees are not refundable.

Rec / Over 35 / Beginner Leagues

Refunds are based on the ability of the league coordinator to find a replacement player to play in the remaining games.  Rosters are locked with 3 games remaining and no refunds will be allow after this point.  Administrative, insurance fees, and banking fees are not refundable.

Refund Request Form

Refund request form for all leagues